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Seek within. Rewrite the world.

we are dedicated to supporting the mental health of women as she steps into her power and creates her own rules in life.


Our Purpose


SeekHer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit project dedicated to supporting the mental health of women in her life’s journey.  We award scholarship & grant opportunities to individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations working to bridge the gap of women’s mental health in their communities and beyond. Through our donor- and sponsor-based projects, we exist to help women recognize her identity is not dependent on the impossible standards society has defined for her —

So she can seek within and reclaim her voice.



We live in a society where women are expected to live up to unrealistic standards, leaving them vulnerably exposed to the invisible stressors and external pressures of social inequality. From their physical appearance to the juggles of work and family, women are led to believe a successful life is dependent on how they fulfill the idealized roles they’re born into.

Together, let’s challenge the status quo and the definition of femininity that our culture has misguidedly shaped for women —

And be the changemakers who support them as they rewrite their story of womanhood.

Our Projects


Across the globe, women are nearly twice as likely as men to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. From biology to socially-constructed cultural norms, gender disparities play a strong role in their development and often manifest during critical seasons of transformation and change.

Our current projects focus on:


Women’s Body Image

The diet & fitness industries have led women to believe their physical attributes are never enough. Over 90% are insecure about their bodies and appearance, leaving young women more susceptible to disordered eating and eating disorders, which has the highest mortality rate of all mental disorders. This widespread perception of inadequacy and dangerous cultural narrative must be stopped.


POSTPARTUM mental health

The transformation that a woman’s body undergoes while creating a human being impacts not only her body, but also her heart and mind. 1 in 7 new moms experience postpartum depression, with even fewer seeking the help and support they need to prepare for their earliest, most vulnerable days after childbirth. Every woman deserves access to tools and resources so they can thrive through their journey of motherhood.