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Elevate your brand, and make your most meaningful impact.

We build brands with health & wellness experts to help them grow businessES THAT reach their fullest potential.


In today's digital age, our health and wellness industry is making it harder to separate fact from fads. But it's not as easy as touting your degree or credential to share why you're the best one to help. Your audience is looking to connect with you through a message that goes beyond logic and rationale. So how do you differentiate yourself, stand out, and earn their trust?

Connect in a way that exceeds facts and expertise.


Brand Identity

starts at $2275

The marketability of your online business depends on your ability to communicate a brand that goes beyond ‘what you do’, and emotionally resonates with your audience. We work together closely to dive deep into your head, and create a unique brand that connects you with your audience.

Just be yourself, speak your truth, and we’ll do the rest.

The brand identity gave me a foundation to launch into projects that align with my mission, vision, and values. I am always looking to it as my “guidebook” for content, projects, and connecting to my ideal clientele. It has been a catalyst for driving in more clientele as well as landing paid partnerships with local businesses and national food brands.
— Lindsay Sparks, Feed Your Spark

Detailed Brand Guideline that defines what you stand for, who you connect with, and how to communicate with them.

Visual Style & Image Guideline that captures your personality through a beautiful aesthetic.

Add-On Complete Brand Design that includes Logo with Variations, Submarks, & Website Favicon, Style Moodboard, Business Card Design, and Social Media Graphics.

Branded Website

starts at $3950

In 3 seconds or less, your audience will land on your website and make the decision if they’ll want to stay. Make a lasting first impression through a well-crafted Squarespace or Wordpress website that attracts the clients you want to work with. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish,

And bring your brand to life.

Thanks to my brand being so spot on, I’ve gotten completely random new clients reach out. When I ask how they found me, they all said they Googled and just kept coming back to my site because they felt so connected to it.
— Katie Hake, Katie Hake Nutrition

Customized Web Plan focused on navigation, layout, user interface & experience

Basic SEO, Responsive Design & Mobile Optimized so they’ll find your site & stick around

Brand Audit & Content Assignment to guide your creative direction, image sourcing, & website copy

Logo Design, Copy Consult & Editing for a consistent brand look, voice, & calls-to-action

Not ready to commit to a full project, but still need help elevating your brand?

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