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Monica Mo, PHD

started her career as a scientist and engineer with a passion for science and health care, having served as a member of the academic team that pioneered the Google map of human metabolism and currently a Council of Directors Member at True Health Initiative.

She helps business owners create meaningful brands with a mission-driven purpose, as well as build strategic alliances that accelerate business growth. As a systems thinker adept at breaking big ideas down into actionable steps, she loves to help others turn an entrepreneurial vision into reality. Monica currently runs WellSeek, a media platform and consulting company with programs that help health experts inspire happier, nourished lives.  


Katie Proctor, MBA, RDN

is a former marketing manager in the natural products industry with a background in communications and brand management at a global agency, Fortune 500 CPG and natural foods startup.

She specializes in relationship building, big picture thinking and streamlining your brand vision into a profitable business model. She helps businesses of all stages establish their authority and expertise, implement creative marketing plans that reach and convert their target audience and secure win-win brand and media partnerships. Katie currently runs Wellevation HQ, an influencer marketing consulting group connecting brands and individuals in the wellness industry.