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“Throughout our work together, the bigger vision of my business has changed from hoping I could sustain a full client load, to reaching capacity and expanding to a group practice. I gained the skills to not only be a business owner, but a mentor to other practitioners. I gained confidence and clarity that helped me build trustworthy relationships with my ideal clientele, my social media following, and other professionals. I found my writing voice and confidence as a speaker. These opportunities have grown my business exponentially.”

— Haley Goodrich, INSPIRD Nutrition


“Monica has been an invaluable partner and confidant in navigating an evolving business, always helping me stay grounded to make sure my projects are aligned with my bigger vision. What I particularly love about working with Monica is that she encourages all of her clients to tap into their inner genius rather than rely on external factors to guide their business decisions.”

— Katie Proctor, Wellevation HQ