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“The most striking thing about Monica’s work is her ability to capture the truest essence of a person and bring it to the surface to flourish. I have both collaborated with and been a client of Monica’s, and as a result have seen myself and my brand grow in ways I never thought possible.”

Haley GoodrichINSPIRD Nutrition

“Monica has the capacity to envision new potentials while simultaneously understanding the most effective steps for execution and progress. She truly cares about the success of everyone she works with and is able to bring out the best in others - myself included. It has been monumental in shaping the trajectory of my goals and helping me reach places I never thought possible. Monica is a visionary and whole-heartedly dedicated to lifting those around her to new heights.”

Crystal Karges, Crystal Karges Nutrition



“Your support, friendship, guidance and incredible perspective have helped me reach new heights!”

Mascha DavisNomadista Nutrition

“Monica had me at ‘when you’re ready,’ and together we made my brand one that I can truly be proud of. Her mentorship not only brought with it the insight that I was ready, but it also encouraged me to take my career in a different direction. I feel so fortunate to have connected with Monica because without her my brand might not have been born!”

Anne AssassiDiet Assassinista



“I now have a clear understanding of my branding and audience, and how to go about setting and achieving my business goals. I now can see a clear path to where I want to go, and have been able to let go of aspects of my business that were taking too much of my time but not serving me in a way I wanted them to in my business.”

Kaleigh McMordie, Lively Table

“Our work together gave me a framework to refer to as I moved forward. It not only helped me to refine my message, but to also make connections in my community and online to grow my business. It is the foundation that I stand upon now to refine, learn, and grow from as an entrepreneur.”

Lindsay SparksFeed Your Spark



“I thankfully had a good audience, but no business strategy. Working together helped me streamline my business, learn what to say yes and no to, and learn work for efficiently and effectively. I know that sounds silly but learning when to have that permission to say no and yes was really freeing for me. I can often feel alone in the business decision making, so having them as knowledgeable, authoritative and confident voices was so helpful!”

Robyn Nohling, The Real Life RD

“From start to finish, I got my practice off the ground in three months while staying focused and encouraged. During our time working together, I was able to recognize my strengths, step into my power, and affirm that I could do it. They were my foundation when I hadn't yet built one of my own.”

Katherine Metzelaar, Bravespace Nutrition



“Before working together, having a private practice seemed like a far off dream that would take years to achieve. Now, I have the tools, systems, and more importantly, mindset in place to move forward and move the needle in my business quicker. Working together has truly been a gamechanger in my career, and my life!”

Katie Hake, Katie Hake Nutrition

“Working together was a key piece of moving my business forward. The branding process helped me gain clarity in who I wanted the world to know me as.  I 100% believe that it allowed people to see my authenticity and professionalism which helped me grow my private practice exponentially. I went from a few clients to full-time in no time, and had to hire another dietitian because of high demand.”

Hannah Turnbull, Nourished with Hannah


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