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­It's Good Having Company


When I first started WellSeek, I was alone.  And yes, it was damn scary.

It was like walking on an undefined path through a thick fog, with an unclear view of what was ahead or around me.  

As it so happens, we aren’t always alone.  Others may be on a similar path in parallel to you.  You just may not see them. But eventually, when the timing is right, you cross paths.

And with that, my co-founder Jason Amy joined me.  

It’s not as scary when you’re not alone.


I've known Monica for almost 10 years,

without having met her for most of it.  It was entirely through her husband, while he and I worked together as software engineers at the same company.

Through the years, her husband and I would often talk at our lunch breaks; sometimes, Monica would come up. We basically communicated to each other through her husband without actually meeting in person for almost a decade!

One day, she reached out to me because she wanted to understand the mindset of someone who was trying out different nutrition trends and fads.

From there, things quickly snowballed as we realized we had so many common goals. 

It was when Monica told me about what she wanted to achieve with WellSeek that a light bulb went off.

I’ve always had my personal quests to improve my physique and health, and I had my active lifestyle down.  But I was still in the dark about the nutrition component and found the subject very daunting. It was truly a mystery that led me down paths of blind supplementation, aimless research and overall confusion.

Given all the conflicting advice out there,

I always believed that nutrition information needed to be provided in a way that is better than it currently is.

When Monica told me about her simple perspective in how she asked questions to find answers around nutrition, it felt like that ‘missing link’ to what I already knew.  I couldn't wait to see it in action.

When she asked me to come on board, I knew I was ready to quit my full-time corporate job and help build it together.

My curiosity for nutrition and health doesn’t start with stems from a very young age.

My parents had a healthy lifestyle. My mom made almost everything from scratch and she taught exercise classes, and my dad worked out and was very active as well. We had a garden, fruit trees and animals (chickens, pigs, etc.), so I understood ‘where food came from,’ and the impact it had on my body. It was no surprise that as I got older I built upon these for my own foundation.

My biggest fear has always been being sick, bedridden and saying “I wish I took better care of myself”. 

It’s why I’ve continued to search for answers on how to gracefully age. It boiled down to exercise and nutrition, which led to my personal motto being that as long as I tried my best to live healthy, at least I wouldn’t have any regrets. Everyone should be given that opportunity.

We want WellSeek to help people see their nutrition, as I did, in a new light.



Posted 2.6.2015