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Some Wiggle Room

As a nutrition professional, it can be hard

to let go of the numbers and equations we are trained to use to derive that perfect formula for a client’s meal plan. True--it’s important for us to be knowledgeable in those areas, which speaks to just how complicated the science of good nutrition can be. But that’s just it:

for the majority of us, eating doesn't have to be a complicated process.


I have come to appreciate that food, planning for meals, and guiding others toward their healthiest self can be much more of an art than a science.


The fact of the matter is that it takes more than a program or meal plan to successfully make lifestyle changes that are sustainable. What would happen if we all went back to the basics of good nutrition and stopped looking for that one miracle component in our diet that might make the difference this time? If you aren't eating an abundant amount of plant foods, then the chia seeds you sprinkle on your cereal certainly won’t be the key to your health. Likewise, while reading about the health benefits of ginger and turmeric may provide some temporary motivation,

Those health benefits will never be realized if we don't enjoy their taste or know how to incorporate them into a meal.

It’s no surprise that the lifestyle and foods that prevent most diseases are the same, no matter if you are vegan, paleo, gluten-free, or the next soon-to-be-designated trend. When you are eating what Mother Nature intended and engaging with food in a healthy manner, doors open to a new way of living. However, that doesn't have to mean deprivation, restriction, or rigid rules. It’s about eating whole foods that are closest to their natural state as possible while in balance, with awareness, 


After all, what carries us through life’s monumental moments are the simple pleasures of everyday life--many of which are gathering around a meal with family, relishing in your grandma’s homemade chocolate cake, or picking out your weekly groceries at your favorite farmer’s market.