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MODULE 3 - Making Money: Client Payments through Insurance and Private Pay


Session 1: Becoming An In-Network Insurance Provider

In the last few years with the Affordable Care Act, nutrition counseling has become more widely covered by many health plans across the country, with more medical conditions and higher number of visits that are now being reimbursed. Since 2015, nutrition counseling is considered an essential benefit in 26 states under preventative services, so areas like weight management, hypertension, and other areas that were not previously covered can now be reimbursed.  In some of the major health plans in certain states, unlimited visits are even fully covered.

Session 2: Logistics of Insurance Billing

Before I was able to submit my first claim, I needed to understand what all the insurance lingo meant. Another huge barrier I encountered was talking with insurance representatives on the phone. Everything can seem quite intimidating as a new provider and the representatives themselves can be vague in the information they provide and the information can even vary from one representative to the next. In this session I will be discussing what you need to know about filing claims for your clients.

Session 3: Accepting Private Pay Clients

Accepting health insurance as an in-network provider isn’t for everyone, whether that be based  on a personal business decision or due to closed insurance networks in your area. In this Session, we’ll go over a few different business strategies for determining your private pay rate for nutrition counseling and other strategies for out-of-pocket services.