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“I’ve known Katie since we started All Access Internships together and she is quite literally the reason I became an entrepreneur. She has since transitioned to my business coach and helped me scale the business year after year. She’s helped me transition to a paid membership site and given me direction how my role should evolve with the growth of the company. With her help, I’ve expanded my support team and shifted my role from personally coaching clients to concentration on member acquisition and fully trusting my team of coaches. I now work less, delegate more and make more passive income than ever before!”

- Jenny Westerkamp, All Access Internships


"Without Monica, INSPIRD to SEEK simply would not be what it is today. Our business has seen a great deal of success so far because of Monica's creativity, attention to detail and drive to help others discover their strengths. Within our first year of collaboration, we launched a successful online business program, grew our presence and community to 1000+ through professional collaboration, and partnered with a number of influencers to bring high-quality, valuable CPE learning experiences to nutrition professionals. It is truly an incredible amount that we have been able to achieve together, and the most exciting part is that our work is still in its infancy. "

- Haley Goodrich, INSPIRD Nutrition and INSPIRD to SEEK