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our story.

In the beginning...


a nourished life begins when you find the spark to seek.

From the founder

My interest in nutrition, health, and wellness was born out of a need to answer my own childhood inquiries on how life worked. After my mother nearly lost her life during a routine hospital procedure when I was 12, that event turned into an overwhelming curiosity about health and how it worked. That led me towards a career in bioengineering where I was allowed to professionally geek out over how all of our nutrients and biological parts in our body interact to create essential cellular functions and, in essence, life.

During my time as a scientist and engineer, I built data models to understand how our DNA, metabolism, and nutrition interacted to make our living bodies work the way they do. As it so happens, I realized no precise solution to attain our life's health exists. Rather, it boiled down to a single fundamental principle:

nourish your body with what it needs.

And from there, the seed was planted...and the WellSeek community emerged to help individuals find the inspiration they need to sustain a healthier, nourished life.



About Monica Mo, Ph.D.

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Monica Mo is the founder of WellSeek, whose mission is to help others find the supportive inspiration they need to lead healthier lives. She's also a Council of Directors Member at True Health Initiative, a global coalition of leading health experts promoting the truth on healthy lifestyles that impact individuals and our society as a whole.

She began her career in biotechnology, specializing in genome-based metabolic engineering and data analytics, and was a member of the academic teams that pioneered the Google map of human metabolism. As a scientist at Intrexon (NYSE: XON), she led early-stage R&D initiatives focused on metabolic systems engineering, in vitro nutrient optimization, cancer therapeutic design, and biologics production. Monica holds her Ph.D. and M.S. in Bioengineering and B.S. in Bioengineering: Biotechnology from the University of California, San Diego.