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5 Ways to Achieve Instagram Fun


One of the most common questions we get from those starting their private practice:
"Do I need to get on social media?"

The answer is…absolutely!!

RDs who stay active through social media create more touch points to reach a larger audience with their health and nutrition inspiration.  

In particular, Instagram is incredibly powerful because of its wide popularity and high engagement amongst consumers, and even within the RD community. It allows you to easily create beautiful food photos and start sharing who you are with potential clients. But for those who are just starting out with social media, it can become more overwhelming than fun to try to master. I mean…what filter should you use??

Here are some ideas and scenarios for those who are just starting out on Instagram to make it seamless and fun:

  1. Snap and cook! Users want to know what you’re cooking up in the kitchen, so as you’re whipping up your dinner keep your phone close by. All users want is a little inspiration and who better to give it to them than a nutrition expert! Once you snap, type your main ingredients in the comment field, pick a filter, and cook on your merry way.

  2. One word: lunch. Whether you’re packing it, making it at home, or out with colleagues, people consistently need lunch inspiration. Instead of going out for greasy pizza, what can you suggest is better?

  3. Dining out. Oh, the confusion people have around a big menu. Take a photo of what you ordered at a restaurant so your audience knows the most well-balanced options. 

  4. Breakfast. How should people start their day? What will provide them the most fuel to tackle their mornings? Send them your guidance with an Instagram photo.

  5. Holidays. There is a holiday nearly every month in our calendar year. Many of the holidays revolve around food and sweets. How can your audience best stay balanced and enjoy treats while not overdoing it? Share your best recipes and advice.

And don’t feel discouraged if you only have a few followers in the beginning, or generate just a few likes or comments.  It takes time to build a following and perfect that shot...we all started there at one point! Practice always makes perfect, and the more you post using popular hashtags, the more you can be found by other likeminded folks!

A few to try to get plugged in with the dietitian community on Instagram: 

  • #rd

  • #dietitian 

  • #rdapproved 

  • #rdchat

  • #registereddietitian

  • #rd2be

We hope this was helpful to get you started! And remember to tag your photos using #wellseek so we get to know who you are…we’d love to meet you and your delicious inspiration!