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Inspire On: 3 Tips to Creating Content

Creating and sharing content is one of the best ways to help individuals discover and connect with your perspective on health and nutrition. 

Whether they are struggling with their health or are simply looking for inspiration, your ideal clients are scouring for valuable insight that connects specifically with them. If you have been thinking about starting a blog or find yourself stuck with writer’s block, we hope these 3 tips will help kickstart your writing!

    Refer to page 71 in the Media Kit. Each month pick 1-2 things that pop out at you that feels right for you to cover. The idea is to capitalize on a tentpole event happening during the calendar year because you know people will be consuming and searching for that type of content during that time period.

    Set a half day each month that will be your blogging day. This could be the first Monday of every month where you give yourself several hours to write. Getting it all out of the way at once allows you to be focused and frees up time later in the month.

    Often times we don’t know how to start a blog post. We know what we want to say, but we don’t know how to begin. That’s why it’s best to just get out everything you need to say. For example, write your ‘5 best tips to have a healthy Thanksgiving’ first. Dive into the tips. Then write your conclusion since the 5 tips are fresh in your mind. Finally, go back and write a 2-3 sentence intro.

And remember, we at WellSeek love collaborating with our Experts through the Collective, so if you have any ideas that you're itching to get down, give us a holler...we're happy to help you get started!