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transform your mind for growth.

concise, actionable guidance for the journey ahead.

develop the foundational business mindset that helps you stay adaptable and move forward with confidence and grit.

Knowing Yourself

Understanding your values and strengths

Your success lies in digging deep and understanding who you are, what you’re made of, and how to use that to your advantage. In this Module, we discuss how you can uncover your key strengths and values, and how to gain a mindset of planning ahead, staying accountable, and gaining confidence. You'll also step through the basics of your brand message, which is derived from everything you've learned about yourself.


Private Practice Basics

Setting up your business

From obtaining your NPI and EIN, to forming your business entity, starting a business requires a checklist of tasks to get everything up and running. We’ll step you through the process of the basics to consider, as well as considerations for your office and simple accounting tips to keep in mind.


Making Money


Becoming an insurance provider can seem daunting and confusing. We will walk you through the steps of becoming credentialed and contracted with insurance companies and the logistics of billing, as well as discuss how to accept private pay clients.


managing your clients

Before, during, and after sessions

Before you start seeing clients, it is essential to have a scheduling and charting system in place, as well as a few legal documents to protect both you and the client. In this Module, we also dive into how to find your ideal client with discovery calls and making your client feel cared for during and between sessions.

spreading the word

marketing and branding

Marketing and branding is perhaps the most challenging part of starting a business. Identifying your brand identity will form the foundational theme and essence of your business and website. Learn what marketing channels to consider for your business by understanding the value of what you are offering to your ideal audience.


Enjoying the ride


Tactics are one aspect of success, but staying positive, growing as a leader, and plenty of self-care are what really propel your business forward. You will absolutely have to get outside of your comfort zone to become successful.