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July 2017

Growing a Strong Medical Referral Network For Your Clinical Nutrition Practice

With Lauren Cornell, MS, RD 

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  • Navigating insurance networks with local health care providers to grow your outpatient client base

  • Identifying outreach strategies for health care networks, medical groups, and clinics

  • Positioning yourself as a key player in your patient’s medical team with other health care providers

This seminar is for any RDs who are interested in a clinical nutrition practice focused around the health care system setting.

Our Speaker

Lauren Cornell, MS, RD is the owner of Lauren Cornell Nutrition, a Los Angeles-based private practice offering medical nutrition therapy and individualized nutrition counseling to treat all types of nutrition-related needs.  Lauren sought clinical opportunities afforded to a dietitian in the inpatient setting, but without the confines of institutional protocol in treatment options. She found limited resources for guiding a dietitian in private practice with a clinical focus, and so she was left to find her way through trial and error. Through this process, she has built a successful and thriving clinical private practice in Los Angeles, and now advocates for RDs with similar aspirations to do the same.

Lauren completed her dietetic internship through the Greater Los Angeles Veterans’ Affairs Healthcare System and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, both known to provide extensive, thorough training for clinical nutrition practice.  In addition to maintaining a thriving clinical practice for 5+ years, Lauren is involved in creating and instructing education programs for dietetic interns of the Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System since graduating the program herself.  These programs include both an insurance billing course, as well as the main course in gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. Lauren is a member of the AND’s Medical Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition, SCAN, GastroRDs, and Nutrition Entrepreneurs dietetic practice groups.