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August 2019

Helping Clients with Trauma-Integrated Nutrition Counseling

with Tracy Brown, RD, LDN


In this Month's Webinar, we will focus on:

  • How the impact of trauma can lead to physical reactions and fight-or-flight responses from clients who appear to be dissociated from their bodies

  • Building awareness and trusting your instinct as a practitioner to address signs of trauma to help clients with regressive behaviors move forward

  • Creating presence to tap into mindfulness, recognizing hunger and fullness sensations, and feeling safe so they can progress in a constructive way

For RDs and health professionals who want to be understand and integrate the role of trauma in eating disorder and disordered eating recovery.

Our Speaker

Tracy Brown, RD, LD/N is a somatic nutrition therapist/dietitian, attuned eating coach and embodiment teacher.  She helps people come home to themselves through their bodies by healing their relationship with food and weight as well as feel safer and less stressed in their bodies.  For 13 years she has guided people one on one and in groups, from disordered eating and chronic dieting, many of which chronic or  stress-related conditions at and

She provides training and supervision to health professionals as well at