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April 2020

How to Integrate Non-Diet Principles with Sports Nutrition for Athletes

with Heather Caplan, RD


In this Month's Webinar, we will focus on:

  • Understanding how athletes approach their goals and motivation and how it leads them to adopt rigid mindsets and body struggles

  • Identifying signs of whether an athlete may be struggling with disordered eating or an eating disorder

  • Creating a mindset shift to help them be more flexible in their food choices while adopting meal patterns that build strength and endurance

For RDs and health professionals who want to learn how to work with athletes through a non-diet approach.

Our Speaker

Heather Caplan, RDN, owns a part-time private practice in metro Washington DC— primarily working with active women, disordered eating, and clinical eating disorders—and a media, writing, and communications business. With ten years of experience in nutrition counseling, she implements non-diet, weight-inclusive philosophies in her nutrition practice and media work. Her weekly podcast, RD Real Talk, highlights how to apply weight-inclusive and social justice practices in various dietetic career paths, and addresses the latest nutrition news and research. Additional projects Heather coordinates include the Weight Inclusive Nutrition and Dietetic (WIND) events for nutrition professionals, and her nonprofit, Lane 9 Project, which raises awareness of eating disorders and health issues for women in all levels of sport.

Heather has been featured on the TODAY show—sharing her experience with Orthorexia—and her work has been seen in national publications such as The Washington Post, Runner’s World, Outside Magazine, and Women’s Running.