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Your ‘niche’ isn’t what helps you stand out. This does.


Do you have a hard time figuring out how to make your business stand out?

For many clients I work with on their brand, what I often see is a lack of clarity and confidence in what makes them uniquely different from others.

They focus on expertise, products, and services. They talk about the ‘niche’ that they fit in.

And that’s when they get stuck, because there are plenty of others who can be categorized in exactly the same way.

It perpetuates a cycle of confusion, where they question whether they have something special that will ever help them stand out among other health professionals who offer similar services, or share a similar practice philosophy.

If you feel this way too, just know that you’re not alone. And there’s one simple thing that’s commonly overlooked, and can guarantee that you'll stand out from everyone else:

Your perspective.

No two people have the same experiences in life, both personally and professionally, which represents the collective insight you’ve gained that no one else has.

That is what shapes you as a person, and helps others connect with you in an authentic way.

And those experiences are exactly what gives you an edge: a different take on the same knowledge and facts that we're all inundated with.

It helps you mold a unique perception of the world, and offers a refreshing view for your prospective audience to see things in a new way.

It’s also about showing them that you understand exactly what their challenges are in life, and how your outlook continues to shape and impact those around you so they’ll know exactly why it will benefit them to follow along.

And when you’re able to harness your excitement and passion behind that, this will help them gain confidence in you.

It will solidify in their mind why you’re the best to help them achieve the outcome they desire.

So remember, your technical knowledge and advice may be no different from other experts out there, but it is your perspective that makes you truly unique.  

And it doesn't matter if you’re not the first one out there with a novel idea or message. It's about how effectively you own and communicate your insight with your audience.

Through the words you speak and the words that you write, those will always be uniquely yours.

And wherever you're at in your journey, keep going.  Even when you don't see the immediate returns, you are getting better every day that you keep at it.

I promise.