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You see me, and I see you.


Owning the spotlight has always been difficult for me.

It's why I chose to hide behind our WellSeek community for the longest time, and focused all my energy on serving others.

When I look back, I know a lot of this has to do with my upbringing in a traditional Chinese household that emphasized humility and self-effacement.

So when it came to wins and achievements, I was conditioned to believe that calling attention to yourself was superfluous and showy, because success was 'expected' of you anyway.

That mentality stifled me, and to this day, can be an invisible barrier that can hold me back.

But at some point, it became a narrative that I no longer wanted to be part of. I recognized that the focal point wasn't about promoting myself, but rather, it was about sharing how I wanted to help more people.

A simple reframe helped me remember that it was never about me. It's about upholding the collective values and needs we share as a community, and moving forward together.

If this resonates, I encourage you to ask yourself: are you getting in your own way from connecting more with who you're destined to help?

And is today the day you decide you're ready to move forward and make your most meaningful impact?

Wherever you're at, just remember -

You see me, and I see you.