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What's your true north?


There’s a saying, “Vision without action is a dream, but action without vision is a nightmare.”

It’s a reminder to uncover your calling.

Your purpose and vision - a ’north star’ that guides you when you’re stuck in the weeds, and you can’t see directly in front of you.

It guides you to continue on your journey, and helps you understand that what you are trying to accomplish isn’t in the minutiae and precision of your day-to-day. 

It’s your fixed point in a spinning world that always helps you find your way. And even when you don’t know your exact path, your inner compass pulls you forward in the right direction.

But for many entrepreneurs, they don’t always follow what this inner wisdom is telling them.

As humans, we are drawn to winning outcomes that we see from others. It seemingly takes life’s unpredictability out of the equation, so we seek predetermined boxes to check off.

And the focal points of success become fixed around:

  • Cranking out as much content as you can.

  • Gaining more followers on social media.

  • Making more money with multiple revenue streams through e-courses, memberships, and other products.

  • How to reach 6-figures consistently in your business.

You’ll see many business guru messages out there that revolve around attaining these outcomes. They become finite destinations that you believe will qualify you as a success in your business.  

But when you allow these types of outcomes be the main driver of your desires, you focus everything on doing

And lose sight of your very reason for being.

Because these outcomes don’t simply emerge because you make it your goal to attain them. They happen as a result of consistently showing up authentically in front of the people who need your help the most. 

When you do, that’s when the shift happens and you start:

  • Creating content that deepens their understanding of why you are the best one to help them

  • Providing valuable insight to a growing community that know they can only get from you.

  • Crafting programs, products, and offerings that consistently delight and fulfill what they seek.

  • Filling out your client schedule and waitlist because you’re the only one they want to work with.

So, I encourage you to take a moment to focus less on the outcome, dive deeper, and really align with your belief system - one that informs the strategic actions you need to take to build a successful business your way. 

And when you’re ready to learn how to do that, I got you.

Because once you’re headed in the right direction, you’ll see that you’re always winning.

So, what’s your true north?