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What lessons can you draw inspiration from?


Yesterday, my son, who has ADHD, had a rough morning.  And as we talked through his thoughts and frustrations, he shared: “I’ll feel like a failure if I don’t go to school today, but I don’t think I’m able to go. I might have a meltdown.”

As a parent, you never want to see your child struggle. And it breaks my heart when there isn’t an immediate answer to solve their problems. With my son, it has felt like an unending rollercoaster trying our best to adapt to a world that wasn't made for him.

But I was also incredibly proud of the growth and self-awareness he displayed, allowing himself to express the need to put his emotional well-being as a priority.

I know it’s something that I was not able to do at such a young age, and I hope that he’ll continue to remember that all these merits and rules imposed by society don’t define him - and that what matters most is how he feels about himself.

It was also a beautiful reminder that a linear path in life rarely exists.

It's a lesson that can be difficult to swallow as a kid…and one that we still tend to resist as adults.

Look back on your past experiences, and you'll recognize a pattern of twists and turns, ups and downs. For every peak you've summited, there was a valley that followed.

But life was never meant to be easy. It's the valuable lessons you learn as you seemingly fall back that make your successes more meaningful in hindsight.

It’s about being aware of the net progression of your efforts, so you can look back and recognize just how far you've come.

These are reflections that I often see spur inspiration for my clients who are doing their best work, so this week, I encourage you to tap in and draw from the deep well of your own struggles and experiences.

So wherever you’re at in your business or in life, I hope you are taking a moment to do a little reflecting and listening to yourself.

And if a mental health day is what you need, do it for you.

And so yesterday, we took the day off.