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What kind of world do you envision?

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"You seem like a totally different person coming back,” 

Said my husband after I returned from the Yellow Conference, a gathering of entrepreneurs who are making their most meaningful impact for the good of the world. (I hope some of you will join me next was phenomenal!)

And I have to agree, I do feel different.

But I really had to think about what actually changed, because there really wasn’t anything radical or mindblowing that I heard at the conference.

Yes, I was incredibly inspired to be in the company of changemakers and founders as they shared their stories - many who are growing social impact businesses that give back new opportunities to those who do not have the same privileges and freedom as we do.

I connected with new friends as we shared ideas on how to creatively align our purpose and passions into a life and business we’re proud of.

I also felt an immense sense of gratitude for my own privilege to be where I am in life - and I’m quite certain that if you’re reading this right now, you’re very likely in a similar place.

And that became my poignant reminder - that how we evolve isn’t always based on the new knowledge we acquire. 

It can also be a perspective shift that happens when we connect the dots of the past to make sense of a brighter future - one that we want to shape for others who may not be where we’re at.

It’s about building a business that goes beyond the boundaries of simply having solutions to a problem - 

And towards a hopeful world that we want to welcome people into.

For me, it is a world where everyone can overcome their fear of not being enough so they can uncover their own path of health and happiness. 

It’s something I work towards every day, and I feel incredibly lucky to be here working with our clients and community to make that a reality.

So if you ever find yourself stuck in the weeds focused on the day-in and day-out, take a moment to remember ‘what you are here for’, not just ‘what you do’.

It will help you recalibrate your mind so you can check in to see what’s working and what’s not.

It illuminates where your gaps are, and helps you define the necessary actions that you need to fill in those gaps to grow.

And better yet, it helps you envision a hopeful future of what’s to come.