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The most valuable lesson I learned.

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When I used to visit my grandmother at her nursing home, the nurses would always stop by to share how much they adored being around her.

But here’s the thing: my grandmother was practically deaf and only spoke Chinese.

Yet I saw it firsthand as they entered into the room.

She gave them a warm smile as they helped fixed her bedsheets and chuckled as they helped clean her. She clasped her hands together to gesture her gratitude, and exuded a positive aura that left the nurses feeling so incredibly appreciated.

For someone who was so limited in her ability to verbally communicate, my grandmother shared with me one of the most valuable lessons in life:

To build a solid relationship with others, you must be willing to share your energy with them, even when words cannot be spoken.

The truth is, communication is more than just a verbal exchange of the words you use. It is an exchange of focused energy and attention to the other person so they feel connected to you.

It can come in the form of body language and other non-verbal factors, or through the thoughtful intention behind your messages, spoken or written, conveyed to an audience.

Most importantly, it’s about the way you observe, listen, and vulnerably reflect on the emotional resonance and connection between you and them.

As you continue to think of how you’d like to impact your audience through your business and brand, I encourage you to consider these lessons from a remarkable woman I’ve known my whole life.

Because you see, my grandmother passed on from this world earlier this week. As memories continue to pour in, what continues to stand out to me was the beautiful, palpable energy that she embodied and so generously shared with others.

An energy that I can still feel, and helps me keep smiling through loss and pain.