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Success isn’t about doing everything ‘right’.

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We all want to do the ‘right’ things in life, and be able to do them well.

But when perfectionism shows up, it can be debilitating.

On the surface, perfectionism appears to be a positive trait that can encourage you to put forth effort and do your best.  Underneath, however, it has nothing with high standards and everything to do with controlling the way others may perceive you.

You have an unrealistic ideal of what things should look like, because anything short of 100% perfect is simply a failure.

You become tunnel-visioned, with a singular focus of doing things “right” such that every action you take paralyzes you in fear of getting it wrong.

Your need to control, in turn, controls you.

But the fact is, perfect doesn’t truly exist, and control is just an illusion. We place a lot of emphasis on doing things ‘right’ at all times in order to control the outcome and be positively viewed by others for it.

The thing is, who you are is not defined by your actions at any static point in time. It’s your resilience and adaptability to challenges as you continue to push forward. It’s about having an internal compass guide you as you weave through the path of the unknown.

So don’t allow the external noise of other business ‘gurus’ and peers tell you what you should do and how you should be.

Rather, put that energy and focus back on all the good you have inside, because you are an amazing human being, just as you are.

Remember, you don’t need to get everything perfectly right.

You just need to find yourself first.