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Seek within.

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Do you tend to look externally when you feel lost?

For answers to your questions, for validation of your value, for a confirmation of your place in this world.

This can no doubt play into your thought patterns as you’re trying to build your business and uncover a path to success. The most common thing that happens?

Comparing your start to someone else’s middle.

And when you do so, all you’re doing is giving away the power to define your own rules of success.  You are limiting your ability to bare your soul and share your own lived experiences that will help so many others.

In fact, you are outsourcing who you truly are.

Because each of us has a unique perspective that offers a different lens of the world. These are the stories that data points or statistics rarely ever do justice, because they are the nuances that shape our humanity.

That is what shapes you as a person, and helps others connect with you in an authentic way. And those experiences are exactly what gives you an edge:

Your unique take on the same information that we're all inundated with.

And when you take the time to learn, listen, and engage with new perspectives from people outside of your comfort zone, it will not only help you shape your own knowledge base.

It will also help enhance your ability to weigh the evidence, consider other points of view, and have a clear understanding of how your perspective plays into the context of the rest of the world.

And so, I encourage you to seek within and create an inner dialogue with yourself that’s reflective of why you are here in this very moment. If you need help getting there, I got you.

And always remember -

“Everything that you want, you are already that.” ~ Rumi.