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The people you help are not a category.


We all have an instinctual need to create labels and draw a comparison to something we are familiar with. So when it comes to describing their business, many health and nutrition entrepreneurs often jump right into that same pattern.

They are quick to draw the line around their ‘niche’ based on a pre-existing category that defines a specialty interest, a condition in which they help manage, or ‘what they do’.

Plant-based foods, intuitive eating, eating disorders, sports nutrition, women’s get the picture. 

Yes, these can certainly be helpful in summarizing your area of expertise, but when you’re actually trying to connect with your audience, there’s more to it.

Because people aren’t categories…

They are living beings with emotional needs that are waiting to be heard and met.  

They do not act or express themselves in absolutes or binary; they feel and react in degrees and relativity based on the experiences they’ve had.

They are not defined by their struggles or conditions; rather, they are doing their best to work through the circumstances that are present in their lives.

So as tempting as it is to talk about your business in terms of a category or niche, remember that your audience is more than that. 

They deserve more than that.

Your PCOS patients are not only looking to mitigate their symptoms, but to be empowered in reclaiming their femininity that’s not defined by any mainstream beauty standards they’re trying to live up to.

Your disordered eating clients don’t just want to find peace with food and their body, they want to overcome the shame and guilt that’s hindered them from living life to the fullest.

The moms who come to you with children who have food allergies don’t simply want to know what to feed their kids; they need help in recognizing why restriction and isolation doesn’t need to be their only way of life.

Go beyond the superficial layer of any pre-determined categories, labels, or boxes to show your audience that you get them as the people they are, and the challenges they have that you can help them with.

And if you’ve been struggling to put it all together in a more cohesive and impactful way, we can help.

Ultimately, it’s about speaking to your audience in a language that shares just how much you understand their lives,

So they’ll entrust you with theirs.