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Is there room for you in the marketplace?


“Is there even room for me in the marketplace?”

Someone recently asked me this question. And truth be told, I hear this question get asked in a variety of forms.

“How do I help clients know I’m the right one to work with?”

“How do I stand out in when everyone else is offering the same thing?”

While there’s nothing wrong with wondering these questions, it’s important to remember that these questions tend to be driven by a need for external validation.  And that can be a tricky beast.

It creates a way of thinking that is primarily influenced by how others view and respond to you, trapping you within a reality that limits your ability to project your true self. It leads to a comparison trap, where you’re constantly looking to live up to someone else’s version of worthiness.

In fact, it places your value strictly in the hands of others, rather than defining it for yourself.

But you have the power to take back your reality, and recognize that you have a powerful perspective that’s been uniquely shaped by your lived experiences.

Yes, you’re certainly not the first to do what you do…but you’re the only you that has processed your experiences in a way that only you can share.

I recently shared more thoughts on this topic in The Wellful Podcast, and the mindset shifts that you need to make it as an entrepreneur.

If this is something that’s been on your mind..give it a listen.  And wherever you’re at in your journey, always remember:

Let yourself be seen and heard for who you are.

You’re pretty damn amazing.