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I'm not so scared anymore. You don't have to be either.


When I first started WellSeek, I was alone.  

And yes, it was damn scary.

It’s a common feeling that I hear from many new entrepreneurs as they venture into the unknown. It’s like walking on an undefined path through a thick fog, with an unclear view of what is ahead or around you.  

As it so happens, you aren’t always alone.  Others may be on a similar path in parallel to you, but you just may not see them in the fog.

But eventually, when the timing is right, you cross paths with others who want to navigate the unknown with you.

And while growing a community is not without its challenges, it creates an energy source that you can always draw strength from.

You may not always agree on every single principle or value point, but what ties everyone together is the willingness to learn, and challenging each other to find more meaning in your life’s journey.

But it’s when you allow yourself to connect, listen, and contribute to each other’s lives -

That’s when the beauty unfolds.

And you start gaining a new perspective as you reflect back on the path that brought you here, and start seeing it through the eyes of those who walk alongside you.

The fear that was once there dissipates, because you realize that you were never really alone.  You just had to find yourself first.

And when you find yourself, you find your people.  

I’m not so scared anymore, and you don’t have to be either.