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Go outside your bubble.


The other day, I was chatting with a newer entrepreneur. She explained how she had been trying to put herself out there in the online world, and found herself frequently in the company of other peers who were doing similar work and approached health & wellness from the same lens.

And while she felt incredibly energized being in these communities, she couldn’t help but notice that she was in an environment where everyone agreed with one another. 

As we dissected that experience, she expressed how good she felt about herself because she was feeling validated in her views and heard what she wanted to hear. 

But then I asked, 

“How will you learn to communicate with people who don’t get what you do, but in fact need your help the most?”

As humans, we tend to avoid things that appear different, difficult, or overwhelming to understand. Why bother expending energy on something that may deplete you, or potentially cause conflict or a negative experience?

So it’s naturally comforting to stick to what you know. In fact, it’s hardwired to seek out the comfort of people who share common beliefs and are doing things the exact same way as you.

But there is a hidden danger to that.

The people you’re surrounded by becomes a sound chamber of affirmations that insulates you from any opposing views. It becomes easy to accept something is true because everyone around you says so. 

Over time, you stop challenging yourself to see beyond your own reality.

And when that happens, you forget to put yourself in the shoes of others who haven’t quite learned what you have.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly important to have a support system with those who truly ‘get’ you. That’s why I wanted to build our WellSeek community that continues to challenge the status quo of our health & wellness industry, together.

But in order for you to truly make an impact, I encourage you to venture outside of your comfort zone and learn to create connections with people who don’t think exactly like you. 

Ask questions on why they came to the views that they currently hold. Understand their lived experiences that inform their current perspective, so you can offer a different way of looking at the same perceived problem.

Allow learning and curiosity to be the common thread that connects you to one other, even if your beliefs aren’t exactly the same.

That’s when you’re able to expand your senses to another’s experience, and move beyond the need to be right and towards a hopeful world that you want to welcome them to.

Step outside of yourself to start communicating in a thoughtful, meaningful way that creates a more effective bridge between you and your audience.

And if you need guidance in getting there, we’re here to help.

So go ahead, and tell someone today... 

Let me see the world through your eyes.