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Feeling scared? Yup, I know the feeling.


Jumping into something new can always feel scary.

That unsettling feeling of the unknown in how it will all work out. That’s why entrepreneurship can be so frightening.

And despite having built and worked with an incredible community of health entrepreneurs in these past few years, I still remember that feeling all too well.

Starting out, I knew no dietitians, therapists, or health & wellness entrepreneurs. 

Not a single one.

And there was a level of exclusivity (especially with RDs, y’all know what I’m talking about!) that was pretty intimidating as an outsider. 

As a former biotech scientist, I felt like a fish out of water. Not only was I a complete business novice (don’t even get me started about that learning curve), but I was literally starting from scratch in a field and industry where I was literally unknown with no contacts. 

But what came naturally for me was a strong desire to connect with those who aligned on a similar purpose of helping others uncover their health and happiness. I made it no secret that I wanted to help them succeed so we could make a bigger impact together. 

And lucky for me, I found that in Haley Goodrich too. 

We hit it off right away because we held similar values and goals:

To create a safe, inclusive space to be vulnerable and lift others up in their entrepreneur journey. 

Despite the fact we were running very different businesses, we always valued the importance of building self-trust and intuition to guide us. And those learned lessons became the collaborative foundation of our community, and how INSPIRD to SEEK was born.

What a gift it is to still be here with you all - 

Still growing together as a community so we can continue to help others pursue health in a way that’s inclusive of size and diversity. 

Thanks for embracing us as part of your journey, my friends!