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Are you trying to be someone you're not?


Definitions. Labels. Categories. Rules.

It's a fact of life that your mind will always try to create these for you. That's because one of your brain's main objectives is to remove uncertainty and define things in relation to what you already know. That's what allows you to move through the world without constantly living in fear of what's to come.

As a newer entrepreneur, it's only natural that you look to others who you view as a definition of success - someone you aspire to be like, or to measure your progress to.

You find comfort in knowing their actions that garner positive attention, because they appear to be guaranteed paths to success. Their stance and philosophy on ideas may even become firmly held as absolute rules and a playbook for you to abide by.

But when your actions and viewpoints are done in accordance to someone else's, you are limiting yourself from exploring new ideas and developing your own perspective in a way that expands your mind.

You are no longer acting as you; you are simply trying to fit a mold.

What's the fun in life if you can't even be yourself?

Because the best part about entrepreneurship is expressing yourself in a way that's genuine and true for you. You bring your own learned lessons from past experiences to the forefront, and shape your own vision of how you want the world to be.

And so I encourage you to dive a little deeper within, and reflect on why you've become who you are.

Don't limit yourself in the shadows of others, and create a more expansive understanding of who you are.

  • Be clear on what motivates and drives your passion in doing the work that you do.

  • Uncover your special gifts that truly make you shine.

  • Create a unique narrative and voice that can only be shared by you.

It’s the only way to exude an energy that builds an authentic bridge to your audience. And when you stop defining yourself based on what you think others will want from you or what already exists, you will step confidently into who you're meant to be.

And without the boundaries of pre-existing notions, you will find yourself in a place with bigger possibilities.