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Are you hearing yourself through the noise?


Earlier this year, a traumatic sequence of events left me emotionally vulnerable.

It reverberated throughout my inner being in a way I had never experienced before. This might sound dramatic, but it truly shook me up and turned my life upside down.

It sent me into weekly therapy, something that I had long resisted but needed more than ever to wade through and process the inner turmoil that I didn’t fully understand. I leaned on anything I could -

Daily mindfulness and meditation practices, took more time off from work, found breath work and reiki energy healing (if you don't know who Millana Snow is, you need to).

I now see that it was all a blessing because for once in my life, I finally learned how to slow down. Not in a quick-fix, get-a-massage or escape-for-a-weekend kind of way.

It was about listening to myself throughout the day, checking in and honoring the feelings that came up - no matter how uncomfortable it would be at times. It was about giving myself compassion and grace through the shame and messiness of it all - because no one is perfect.

And despite slowing down, my business continued to grow.

Opportunities continued to pour in. Connections with new partners were forged. Exciting new projects are in the pipeline.

That’s the beauty and value of inner work as you're on your path of entrepreneurship - because your business is a living, breathing extension of you.

And you can only thrive when you are able to step into your most authentic version of being, in this very moment.

So if you are looking to grow,  I encourage you to put in the time to work on yourself. Uncover all that wants to be heard through the distractions and noise we face every day.

Whether you do it on your own, or have it be facilitated by someone you work with, let this be your call-to-action to uncover insight behind why you exist in the here and now...and illuminate a new path forward.

Because I know for the first time in my life, I understood what had been missing all along in my journey:

I listened to myself - and I was heard.

I wish that for you too.