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Are you being too proud?


Pride can have both  positive and negative connotations. 

On the one hand, it can be about having great satisfaction and self-respect for your life's circumstances, no matter how it may be perceived by others.

On the darker side, too much pride can lead you to put on a mask that hides your flaws, mistakes, and regrets in an attempt to disregard they even exist.

But when you hide your truths from others, you are hiding them from yourself. It bears a heaviness of shame and a fear of rejection in having your true self be exposed.

This is perhaps one of the most common ways entrepreneurs will self-sabotage. 

It holds them back from putting their message out there authentically, and holds them back from deeply connecting with their audience - on their website, social media, email, and whatever forms of communication they are (or aren’t) using.

That’s because your business brand is a living, breathing extension of you. Your unique persona with all the quirks, nuances, and wisdom that comes along with it.

It’s when analysis paralysis takes hold, creating a circular thought process in which self-doubt and perfectionism dominate your mind.

‘What will they think of this?’

‘Will this look or sound stupid?’

‘Will they even like me?’

So just know that it is OK to be proud, but without having so much pride that you can't allow others to see the humanity behind your perceived imperfections. 

Let go of the notion that everyone else needs to validate you in order for you to be a success, and give yourself permission to speak unabashedly just as you are.

Let go of the idea that anything less than achieving the outcome you want is a failure, and replace it with an open mind to explore and remain curious about what happens next.

It's when you start letting others in that you can finally be seen for all the amazing things you are. And when you’re ready to step out and bring out your fullest potential, we got you.

Life’s too short to hide behind a mask.