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Rewriting The Mom Rules of Self-Care: MOMents Dinner + Workshop at Mom Congress


Rewriting The Mom Rules of Self-Care: MOMents Dinner + Workshop at Mom Congress


WellSeek is a partnering organizer of the 3-day Mom Congress Conference, a gathering of 150-200 mom entrepreneurs and leaders to advocate for better maternal mental health access across the U.S.

With 2020 Mom, WellSeek is co-hosting a MOMents Dinner + Workshop to share with mothers the importance and how-to’s of putting their own needs and well-being first through better self-care. In our workshop, we will cover how-to's and tips to building a solid foundation for a healthy mom through 3 core principles:

  • HEAL YOUR MIND: How to replenish and nurture your emotional health following childbirth and beyond into the parenting years.

  • NOURISH YOUR BODY: How to set a healthy foundation through nutrition, movement, and self-care that restores your body, mind, and spirit.

  • PUT YOURSELF FIRST: How to ask for and receive support to flourish as a mother who advocates for your own needs while caring for others.


  • Dinner hosted by Monica Mo, founder of WellSeek and Joy Burkhard, founder of 2020 Mom & Mom Congress

  • A workshop led by maternal health expert Crystal Karges, RDN, IBCLC

  • A special swag bag full of goodies

You must be a Mom Congress registrant in order to participate in this workshop.  Please click here to register!

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Why Attend?

The transformation that a woman’s body undergoes while creating a human being impacts not only her body, but her heart and mind.  From the onset of baby’s arrival to parenthood, there is an invisible, mental load that falls squarely on a mother’s shoulders as she navigates through the earliest, most vulnerable days after childbirth and beyond. 

Mothers often put the needs of their families ahead of their own, and lose sight of their most basic needs and personal growth. Every woman deserves access to tools and resources that become a daily reminder of why they deserve to put their self-care at the forefront, so they can thrive through their journey of motherhood. 

After all, a mother's wellbeing is the heart of a happy family. 

Who We Are

Bonded through their experiences as mothers who overcame their own postpartum struggles, Crystal Karges and WellSeek founder Monica Mo are dedicated to helping mothers during their most transformational seasons of life.

As a nationally-recognized Registered Dietitian and Lactation Consultant in her private practice, Crystal is passionate about helping mothers across the globe have improved access to health care and support, especially during their childbearing years. Her work has been featured in Motherly, Hey Mama, Scary Mommy, and The Mama Notes.

WellSeek is a health and wellness media company dedicated to guiding others on their own path of health and happiness. As a nationally-known health & wellness media expert, Monica works with a nationwide community of health experts to dissect the media's cultural influence on public health, and has been featured in Thrive Global, ABC, NBC, ESPN Radio, and BuzzFeed.