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Your Voice Matters: Stay Involved with the WellSeek Community

Quote: Stephanie Hopkins, MS, RDN, WellSeek Expert from Boulder, CO

One of our core missions is to promote our Expert community not only as experts who can educate on nutrition, but as individuals who have an innate ability to connect and motivate others to be their very best.  

Each Expert lends their own voice and perspective, with unique experiences that ultimately led them to a life dedicated to helping others improve their health.  That's why we love working with our Experts on creative content and interacting on social media so we have more opportunities to promote your work and bring your story to life!  

Here are a few ways that we can all work together with our Expert community through social media and content collaborations:

  • Interact with us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Be supportive of your fellow Experts by sharing, retweeting, and liking our featured Expert posts. And don't forget to tag your posts with #WELLSEEK, we often reach out to collaborate on content and features of individual Experts if we know who you are!

  • Check us out on Steller, and reach out to us if you'd like help in creating your own story!  We love to collaborate with our Experts by using this beautiful storytelling app to bring their recipes and healthy living tips to life!

  • Submit your recipes or blog posts to be a featured Expert in our weekly newsletter, blog and social media! Be loud and proud: share your feature with your mom, dad, best friend, or your dog walker! 

  • Interact with us on Facebook or Twitter, and be sure to share, retweet, and like our featured posts of your fellow Experts. 

And most importantly, follow your fellow Experts back on social media. Through increased engagement, let's all do our part in improving the visibility of the Expert dietitian community you are a part of!