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5 Steps to Get Started with WellSeek


Whether you are starting up a business on the side or have already been running a full fledge practice, here are  5 logistical steps that help you get set up for best business practices and work with clients.  The following check list provides tips to protect yourself from personal liability, and increase your business marketability as a legitimate healthcare provider.

  1. Read (and save!) our 8 quick tips document, which summarizes the basics of starting a business and contains detailed reference links to help guide you if you are  just starting out.

  2. Form a business entity and obtain your EIN. You will need your EIN when submitting any W-9 forms related to your business, including WellSeek and health insurance companies. And most importantly, keep in mind that you need to provide a tax ID when providing a superbill to private-pay clients who wish to submit claims to their own insurance. If you do not have an EIN, you will have to provide your highly-sensitive Social Security Number.

  3. Obtain any required state licenses if you plan to include medical nutrition therapy as part of your coaching services. It is your responsibility to meet the license requirements in your state to provide the services you plan to offer. *

  4. Obtain and submit your NPI for verification. * *

  5. Obtain and submit your liability insurance for verification. * * * 

Once you're set up with these steps, you will be able to set up your WellSeek account when we launch to accept private pay clients.

Additional steps are required if you plan to accept health insurance through WellSeek.  More details to come soon!

*Obtaining your license is a requirement in certain states in order to provide medical nutrition therapy and be contracted with health insurance companies.  

* * A verified NPI helps indicate that you are a legitimate healthcare provider listed in the national NPI registry. An NPI helps you increase your chances of private-pay cients, who may still request a superbill from you to submit for reimbursement even if you are not an in-network provider. 

* * * Your verified business liability insurance allows us to quickly communicate to potential clients that you have professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance provides financial compensation for the public in the event of damages caused by a health provider. Knowing that provides potential clients with a sense of security when they work with a provider.