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We are a collective of expert voices guiding others to seek their own path Of health and happiness. #expertswhoseek

Our Purpose

The WellSeek Collective is a health and wellness site dedicated to guiding individuals in finding their own path of health and happiness. In a culture that promotes rigid rules and fast-paced living, we are here to challenge the norm of what it means to be healthy, productive members of society.

We believe wellness is about promoting health in a way that allows all individuals feel empowered and equipped to live, no matter what state of disadvantage they may be in. Our community of writers share insight on everyday life, ranging from health to parenthood to work-life balance, as well as the mindset we need to keep life in perspective in the face of external influence and pressures. We encourage our readers to seek within to find a path that works best for them, and remember that true health should never limit the way they live.


Our writers are health professionals, therapists, life & personal development coaches, and individuals who are dedicated to helping others discover why true health is a path that only we can define for ourselves. If your purpose is to help others cultivate a healthier mind, body, and spirit, we are delighted to work with you. Topics we love include:

  • Cultivating mindfulness & balanced living

  • Work-life balance & actionable life tips

  • Perspective on diet culture

  • Debunking diet or food myths

  • Eco-conscious living and food sustainability

  • Body image & body positivity

  • Raising awareness around specific health condition or disorder

  • Improving sleep and stress

  • Nourishing foods & their health benefits

  • Kitchen tips & recipes

  • Motherhood & parenting

  • Exercise & movement



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